2010 WeHo Book Fair

The four of us forming Butcher Bird Studios have been working together for a while now. But, this project will always hold a special spot for me. It was our first official gig as Butcher Bird Studios. The City of West Hollywood hired us to bring a fresh look to the television ad for their Ninth Annual Book Fair.

Moodoo Puppets and Upright Citizens Brigade’s Luka Jones. Sounds like a good time.

Starring: Luka Jones and Terrence, the Space Monkey
Puppeteer: Michael Moodoo of Moodoo Puppets

Producer/Digital Transfer: Michael Shlain
Producer/Assistant Director: Steven Calcote
Producer: Travis Stevens
Director of Photography: Chris Ernst
Production Sound/Post Sound: Benjamin Chan
Wardrobe: Stephanie Stevens
Hair/Make-up: Joanna Berdzinska
Production Assistant: Nicholas Veneroso
Production Assistant: Kevin Bellante
Stills Photography: Paul Ehrlich
Director/Producer/VFX: Jason Milligan (Fourchinnigan)

Shot on Canon 7D
Edited and Composited with Adobe products

2010 WeHo Book Fair