Interstitials for Genetic Technology

What happens when you combine cinema with the traditional four walls of a stage production? In the case of the world premiere of the new play “The Limitations of Genetic Technology,” you immerse the audience more deeply into the future.

With four projectors running simultaneously for the entire length of the play, audiences watched the stage open up into genetic labs, an opera house of the future, a high tech residence designed by Tokyo-based Rui Kyo, and more.

Before the play started and at Intermission, we ran over fifteen minutes of original commercials, industrials, and other content that featured the fictitious company at the heart of the play, “Global Cytodynamics.” By the end, the audience did more than watch the world of the play; they lived it.

Produced by Butcher Bird Studios
Directed by Steven Calcote
Inspired by Luis Reyes’s “The Limitation of Genetics Technology”

Global Cytodynamics YouTube Page

Interstitials for Genetic Technology