BBird Produces DeStorm Video for Ubisoft

If you haven’t heard of DeStorm Power yet, you will. He is one of the most talented rappers on YouTube and a talented guy. Above is a video we produced for Bigframe and Ubisoft featuring DeStorm and Ubisoft’s new game, the Hip Hop Dance Experience.

Starring – DeStorm Power and Andrew Bachelor
Dancers – Monica Ramirez and Carly Anderson
Beat by – Owen Hill Jr.
Executive Producer – Mike Rotman
Director/Editor/VFX – Jason Milligan
Producer/Assistant Director – Michael Shlain
Producer – JJ Mayes 
Director of Photography – Steven Moreno
Production Sound/Sound Mix – Benjamin Chan
Assistant Camera – Nick Novotny
Gaffer – Daniel Gomez
Makeup – Kady Alatriste
Production Assistant – Mike Cordaro

DeStorm Video for Ubisoft